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The sentiments of many economists, investors, and intrigued people are that there is nothing "backing up" cryptocurrencies making them simply a bubble. To take the value of cryptocurrencies we have to look beyond them and look at what the blockchain technology can bring the modern world. For the technology to be widely adopted it has to be integrated with the rest of the world's industries and be available for the average person to use, what will bring this is tokenization. Real-world asset tokenization is a very new niche with the blockchain technology and should be looked at from the average persons perspective and not from the blockchain enthusiasts.

Divistock aims to solve all the above problems and issues by providing a platform that will provide everything that the average person or legal entity needs for tokenizations and other business activities on the blockchain. By tokenizing assets with legally binding smart contracts and withholding ownership of the assets, until a user claims it, we will create a platform that will allow for users to send and receive assets as easily as cryptocurrencies for free (with transaction fees). By allowing seamless tokenization/untokenization along with many features Divistock will provide to its users, we will change the blockchain industry and allow everyone to bring their own value to it!


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